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Dental Practice PortsmouthOn behalf of the entire team at Coastal Dental Associates, led by Drs. John Cahill and Magdalena Soutcheva, we would like to warmly welcome you to our dental practice, serving PortsmouthNew Hampshire and the surrounding communities. We thank you for entrusting us with your oral health, and look forward to providing you with the highest quality dental treatment in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

At Coastal Dental Associates we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of modern dentistry in terms of tools, training, and technology. Equally important to us, however, is that we listen to you and your requests while working together as a team to fulfill your needs. We feel we have the most wonderful patients in the world, and are honored by their continual compliments and trust throughout the years. We strive to provide everyone with the utmost care and concern as we journey together on your path to optimal dental health and beautiful smiles.

In an effort to meet your dental needs we provide a wide array of solutions to reach your goals. For those of you who may have put off dental care due to fear of treatment or costs, we will work compassionately to make your visits warm and comfortable, as well as affordable. We enjoy finding creative solutions to please every patient that comes to our office.

What We Offer

In order to accommodate the diverse needs of our patients, Coastal Dental Associates offers a wide variety of dental services, including:

  • General Dentistry - check-ups, cleanings, periodontal care, fillings, root canal therapy, extractions, dentures

  • For Your Comfort We Offer - sedation medications, nitrous oxide, topical and local anesthesia, TV's in all operatories

Our Mission Statement

In an atmosphere of warmth and compassion, we strive for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, and patient service, with emphasis on creating beautiful and healthy smiles that will last a lifetime.

Client Testimonials

Our patients are the heartbeat of our practice, and there is no greater form of praise than that of a thank-you note from a patient. We invite you to peruse our client testimonials.

On a brilliant September Friday afternoon, while my wife and I were visiting in Northern Vermont, my wife cracked a tooth and developed a severe toothache.  Saturday morning we call Coastal Dental and reported the incident to Dr. John Cahill.  He asked, “How soon can you get here?”  Our answer was “2pm this afternoon.”  He said, “You come – We’ll wait for  you.”  When we arrived Dr. Cahill was waiting in his office.  The Doctor performed a root canal and my wife’s problem disappeared.

This is just one example of many that shows how “Coastal Dental Associates” CARES for their patients.
Charles and Irene D
York Beach, Maine

I have never had a dentist so caring and sensitive to my pain threshold and needs.  The work is like nothing I’ve ever had in all my years of crowns, root canals and extensive dental work.  Dr. Soutcheva is warm, caring and very much ahead of other dentists I have gone to in both technique and equipment.  Her work is absolutely perfect.  My crowns are beautiful.  Eight of my family members have switched dentist after seeing her work.

Pat B
Hampstead, NH  

It will be difficult for me to put my gratitude into words.  Due to some negative experiences in the past, my first appointment with Coastal Dental included discussion of my dental phobia/shame.  Since that day, I have always been treated with utmost respect by the entire staff in that office.  It has been quite the journey…beginning with horrible teeth, ending with a beautiful smile. This is the first time since I was a child that I am not self-conscious of my smile.   My only regret is that I had not met Dr. Cahill earlier in my life.  I always have and always will highly recommend this practice to any/every one.

Bonnie P
Eliot, Maine

Thank you so much for seeing my wife, Debbie Sweet, so quickly.  She just called me to say that her visit to your office today was “the most positive experience ever” that she has had at a dentist’s office.  I’ve been trying for years to get her to go to the dentist and she has always avoided it due to being scared and embarrassed.  You have eased (maybe erased?) those fears from her and really left her feeling good about the future of her dental health.

Her visit today meant a lot to her and to me.  Thank you again for being the kind of office that I will go out of my way for to recommend to others.

Matt S
Londonderry, NH

Being asked to write a SHORT statement is my greatest challenge in this testimonial. 

My job had me spending summers in Portsmouth for several years.  After avoiding dentists because of a couple of bad experiences I finally got courageous and walked into Dr. Cahill’s office.  Thus, it changed my life.  Really!!

I’ve been seeing him regularly since l996.  I now have a beautiful smile.  I keep my teeth healthy due to his kind easy going manner.  He realizes my fear and even has a little humming tune I recognize as his cue meaning “Open your mouth or we’ll never get this done!”  Of course he doesn’t say that.

My home is three hours away where I spend seven months a year.  I add that fact to explain, during my home time I make the drive to assure that I receive treatment from Dr. Cahill.  The man has had me laughing during my appointments.  Now that in itself is a miracle.  I am a patient who grabs the armrests leaving fingernail imprints.

From Lynn my favorite office manager anywhere to Liz my hygienist and of course Lauren my assistant there is no better team that I’ve encountered in my 62 years.  I claim them all as my own for they make me feel special.

Didi R
Kingfield, Maine

I just recently had a tooth removed and then a cleaning.  My husband has been religiously going to Dr. Cahill for over 10 years (probably 15) for dental work.  I’ve always had a fear of dentists and made excuses and put it off…for 20 years.  I finally HAD to go because I had a wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled due to infection.  Dr. Cahill extracted my tooth and I never felt a thing.  He’s interesting, funny and friendly.  More importantly, he made me feel comfortable and explained everything he was doing to me.  I had NO pain.  I went back just last week to have a cleaning.  Actually they called it a “scaling” because it was a very thorough cleaning all the way to the root of my teeth. It was painless.  It was nothing like I had experienced as a kid, which probably made me fear dentists.  I have to applaud Dr. Cahill and his employees at Coastal Dental Associates.  EVERYONE there is friendly and kind.  Andrea is the hygienist who cleaned my teeth and it was a very pleasant experience (in fact, I hope I will have the good fortune to have Andrea be the one to clean my teeth at my next appointment).  My experience with these people has made me have a different attitude towards going to the dentist.  It also made me understand the importance of dental health and I am determined now to be as diligent as my husband from now on, regarding regular visits.  These people are NICE!!!!  We recommend Dr. Cahill’s office to all of our employees and I have heard all of their stories regarding how good their experiences are.  And believe me, these are people like me who haven’t gone to the dentist in years.

Ruth L
Portsmouth, NH

Our girls all love going to the dentist!  Whether it is for a cleaning, getting a cavity filled or teeth pulled, they have always left smiling.

Our family is so happy to have found Dr. Cahill and his wonderful staff for all our dental needs.

Michelle L
Greenland, NH 

I am very happy with the service here at Coastal Dental Associates.  Dr. Soutcheva  and the staff are very friendly, positive and have done a great job on my smile

Dennis L
Hampton Falls, NH

Our Office 

One of the most remarkable things about our practice is the office itself! Comfortable, inviting, and filled with the cheerful chatter of our staff, our office is the perfect place to visit for dental treatment. You can find pictures of our office throughout our website.

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If you would like to make an appointment with a friendly member of our team, please contact our Portsmouth dental practice today. Dental Excellence awaits you.

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